SPIRITUAL DIRECTION is the practice of seeking and listening for God's guidance and presence in our lives. By sharing stories of life experiences, painful and enlightening, the directee seeks to find God's plan in their lives.

Spiritual direction develops a deeper relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human. It differs from psychotherapy and counselling where the role of the spiritual direction is not to give direct guidance, but to listen and ask questions to assist the directee in his or her process of reflection and spiritual growth.

There are primarily two forms of spiritual direction: regular direction and retreat direction. They differ largely in the frequency of meeting and in the intensity of reflection.

Weekend retreats are offered at the Good Shepherd Retreat Centre and Sediba. This Centres is just one hour from Johannesburg and about 30 minutes from Pretoria. For more information, contact:

Tel: (012) 259 1392
Fax: (012) 259 0235
Cell: 086 531 5016
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9 Kraal Street, Swakopmund, NAMIBIA

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Various retreats are also offered to individuals and groups at Origins Retreat Center.  Retreats at Origins vary from self-directed retreats, one-day or more, and are facilitated by different retreat guides.

Tel:  +27 72 435 4648


These retreats can last a weekend, a week or even 40 days. During these retreats you can meet with a director on a daily basis for one hour. Meditation can be practised during these retreats, daily meetings, exercises or spiritual disciplines such as lectio divina and contemplative prayer.

Regular direction involves a 60 – 90 minutes one-on-one session. It is advisable to meet every second week during the first two months and then depending on each individual's needs, once a month. These meetings are slightly less intense than retreat direction, although spiritual exercises and disciplines are often given in-between meetings. Visit the Centrum of Spirituality, Christian Meditation and Prayer ("Sentrum vir Spiritualiteit, Christelike Meditasie en Gebed" to find the name and contact details of a spiritual director in the Johannesburg/Pretoria area.

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